Public servants benefit from RSIPF capability demonstration

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More than 20 public servants from Honiara and the provinces attending a two-week training on ‘Understanding your Public Service’ today (14 August 2020) witnessed a demonstration on the capability of several departments within the National Operations Portfolio of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at the Hells Point Explosive Ordnance Disposal base east of Honiara.

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The departments included the National Response Department (NRD) and Fire and Rescue Service. The NRD units which participated in the demonstration included the Police Response Team, the Close Personal Protection Unit (CPP) the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit.


The public servants, who were attending the training at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) were shown how each of the various units within the National Operations Portfolio work together in an interoperability in dealing with threats in accordance to the respective units’ roles and responsibilities. The public servants were also shown the equipment used by the RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service, the PRT, the CPP and the EOD.

During a discussion after the demonstration, the public servants acknowledged the opportunity to see first hand how the various units with the NRD operate during a POM incident.

“After this demonstration I know come to appreciate the risks that officers of the RSIPF operate under during the performance of their duties to ensure members of the public are safe and secure. We members of the public need to understand the risks that RSIPF officers place their lives so we are all safe and secure,” says one of the public servants who witnessed the demonstration.

Another public servant commented: “The RSIPF needs the cooperation of the public whenever there is a public order management incident. Members of the public need to observe instructions issued by the police during such incidents to make the work of the officers easy.”

“After this demonstration, I will now be able to tell my colleagues and members of my family about how the RSIPF operates during a public order management incident and what we the public  are expected to do to assist the officers work,” says another public servant.

Officer in-charge of the PRT Inspector Kerry Sireheti explains, “The demonstration exercise was conducted to display the specific roles, responsibilities and capabilities of CPP, PRT, EOD and Fire and Rescue Service.”

“We acknowledge the opportunity given by IPAM for us to demonstrate our capability and professionalism to the public servants as part of the RSIPF’s resolve to build the confidence of the public in the work of your police,” says Inspector Sireheti.


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