53-year-old grandfather guilty of raping 4-year-old granddaughter in Auki today

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A 53-year-old grandfather has pleaded guilty today in Auki, Malaita Province for raping his four-year-old grand daughter and faces the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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The Deputy Director Of Public Prosecution Andrew Kelesi, who is Auki, confirms that the accused pleaded guilty for sexual intercourse with a child under-18.

The grandfather from Fauabu in West Fataleka will know his fate when Chief Justice Albert Palmer delivers his verdict on Saturday.

The rape took place on 7th February this year when the victim’s mother was out in the garden. The grandfather raped the 4-year-old in their home. Later the same day when the complainant’s mother bathed her she was complaining of irritation and pain to her private part that led to the arrest of the grandfather.

Just today too police announced that they had arrested a 77-year-old step grandfather on Monday for allegedly raping his 4-year-old step granddaughter.

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