Kuma tables $385m Supplementary budget mostly for COVID-19

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Minister of Finance and Treasury Harry Kuma has moved the 2020 Supplementary Budget in Parliament calling for additional $385, 001, 627. with additional funds mostly for COVID-19.

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In moving the bill, Kuma is seeking the approval of $385, 001, 627 of which $8, 555,000 in contingency warrant and $376, 451, 627 in advance warrant.

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Mr Kuma states that this unprecedented situation has led the government to response in an unprecedented ways as much is required to happen within a short time.

The MP for North West Choiseul states that the 2020 Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2020 is an extraordinary bill and one of its kind in the history of our country.

He adds the Bill is framed to ensure safety and protection to people’s health, and to strengthen the resilience of the economy while keeping with fiscal responsibility measures.


According to Kuma, the bill focuses on two (2) overarching areas: First, to strengthen SIG health preparedness and response against COVID 19 outbreak. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of our people and second, to protect the economy from further deteriorating through Economic Stimulus Package.

According Kuma, the government has approved and expedited $6.5 million through contingency warrants to fund highly contagious disease risk allowances for the frontline officers.  This includes biosecurity, customs and excise, health, police and immigration Officers attending to incoming flights and ships, and to border operation during the emergency period.

  • Also, a total sum of $156.4 million was approved and reallocated to ministries responsible for implementing the SIG COVID 19 preparedness and response sector plans;
  1. $21 million was reallocated to Livelihood sector under Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.
    1. $33.2 million was reallocated to Education sector under Ministry of Education and Human Resources;
    1. $11.0 million was reallocated to Customs and Excise under Ministry of Finance and Treasury;
    1. $26.8 million was reallocated to Health sector under Ministry of Health and Medical Services;
    1. $13.3 million was reallocated to Infrastructure sector under Ministry of Infrastructure Development;
    1. $8.2 million was reallocated to Safety and Security sector under Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services;
    1. $1.0 million was reallocated to Immigration under Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration;
    1. $1.0 million was reallocated to Fisheries under Ministry of Fisheries and Research;
    1. $5.0 million was reallocated to support churches under Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs;
    1. $2.3 million was reallocated to Protection sector under Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs;
    1. $33.6 million was allocated to National coordination and camp management under ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster management and Meteorology.
  • Expenditures worth of $72.2 million is funded by development partners for other essential ministries expenditures as provided in the bill under advance warrants.

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