Emotional welcome as 6 arrive back in the Reefs today

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The six who survived a 20-day sea ordeal arrived back in the Reef Islands to an emotional welcome at Lomlom Airport this afternoon.

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A sizable crowd crammed at the Lomlom Aiport to cheer the returning six as they touched on home soil.

An eyewitness who sent photos to SBMOnline says a sizable crowd turned up to welcome the six. “They were garland on the arrival with a big cheer and round of applause when they walked out from the aircraft,” our eyewitness says.


The islanders from Tuwo village of the Reef Islands David Teveko, Elsie Lopabe, Janet Menubir, Godfrey Wale and Brown Meba landed safely on Ulawa Island on the 31st of July after what supposed to be a few hours trip on 11th July had turned into 20 days agonizing journey for the six, their relatives and friends everywhere.

After arriving safely on Ulawa on Friday last week, the six reached Honiara on Monday and flew to the Reef Islands this afternoon.

During their 20 days ordeal, the six, including two female nurses survived on sunned turtle, fish, birds and coconut whilst drinking from rainwater.

Yesterday they held a thanksgiving service at St Alban to thank God for their safe landing after spending 20 days in the sea.

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