60-yr-old grandfather arrested for making 16-yr-old grand-daughter pregnant

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A sixty-year-old grandfather has been arrested for allegedly impregnating his 16-year-old grand-daughter.

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In the latest shocking news of alleged rape cases, police say the 60-year-old male had allegedly had forced sex with his granddaughter and it was only known after the girl was six months pregnant.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ian Vaevaso confirmed that police in Noro had Monday this week arrested the man at Paradise village in the Western Province and charged him with alleged rape.

He told the press today that initial report that reached police claimed that between 1st-31st January this year, the girl was at home caring for her nephew whilst the mother went to the garden when the incident happened.

Vaevaso stated that the suspect before allegedly raping his granddaughter took the kid to play with other children outside, he then held the hand of the victim – closed her mouth and led her into the bedroom of the girl and her mum where he allegedly had sex with her.

He said the girl had tried to escape from the suspect but he was too strong that he overpowered her and allegedly raped her.

Vaevaso said: “Since that time— the victim had not experienced her monthly period and her mother to her to clinic –and confirmed she was pregnant,” he said.

Vaevaso appeals to those whom put in trust to show respect to those they suppose to care for. He appeals to women not to fear but to report any alleged cases of abuse to police.

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