Survivors of 20 days sea ordeal now at NRH

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The six people who survived a-20-day sea ordeal have safely arrived in Honiara this morning and are treated at the National Referral Hospital after arriving from Ulawa.

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The six people including two nurses were travelling from Lata to the Reef Islands in the Temotu Province when they encountered bad weather on July 11th and were unable to reach their destination as expected. A major search including boats and an aircraft were carried out but failed to locate the six. The six survived the 20 days sea ordeal and safely landed on Ulawa Island, Makira/Uwala on 31st July where they were kept on the island until they were safely brought to Honiara. They arrived on M.V Lokoiola this morning and were taken to the hospital. They were accompanied by a police officer.

A crew of M.V Lokoiola says the six were okay except that they looked very pale, some very dark, this maybe the effect of so many days at sea.


“They can walk alone,” he added.

A doctor at the NRH also confirms that the six are now admitted at the hospital.

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