DPP warns against spreading of video clip of assaulted teenager

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The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution Office is appealing to people circulating a video clip of an assaulted teenager by three matured females to stop sharing it as the matter is now before the court.

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Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Andrew Kelesi posting on his facebook said: “There is a certain video clip of an assault of a teenage girl by mature females currently circulating on Facebook.”


Giving permission for SBMOnline to post his message for the wider public for those spreading the video to stop doing it he said: “Just a kind reminder to those people who uploaded, this video clip is now subject of a Criminal case currently before the court.”

He said the three females are currently remanded at Rove Correctional Centre and it against the law for people to circulate and invite people to make comments when the matter is before the court.

“I would advise these people to delete or take it down from their pages,” Kelesi said.

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