3 in 1: Innovative way to sell betel-nut in COVID-19 period & keeping Honiara clean

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The betelnut after it was chewed and ready to be discarded into a rubbish bin.

Some betel-nut vendors are innovating new ways – to keep the city clean and practice healthy habit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The new practice, which has emerged in only certain locations of the city, sees the vendors’ packet betel-nut, lime and mustard stick in a locked small plastic bag before selling.

A female who buys from these vendors says she likes the idea because it promotes cleanliness in this COVID-19 pandemic period and also supports the Honiara City Council to keep the city clean.

It costs $5 a packet.


She says by packing lime, betel-nut and mustard stick in the packet allows the buyer not to borrow other person’s lime or share with others but he/she uses his/her own lime. She adds that she/he can also use the plastic for spitting and to store rubbish before disposing it at the right place.

“By doing this we can be able to control people from spitting in the city and even at home too. I like the innovative way that’s why I want others to also do the same,” she told SBMOnline.

Uncontrolled spitting of betelnut remains one of Honiara’s biggest challenges as it stains pubic areas, properties and even private properties.

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