SINU Management says, “clean up continues” as it confirms suspension of 6 staff

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SINU management has continued taking firm actions on every area of corruption and fraud brought to its attention.

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A statement issued by SINU tonight says: “This week, SINU suspended six staff who were involved in gross misconduct, including involvement in fraud. The staff have been given 7 days to respond to the suspension letters, which contain full details of the grounds of gross misconduct. Upon receipt of their responses, SINU will determine further course of action.”

“Earlier this year, staff have had their employment terminated for involvement in fraud and corruption. In one case, a staff found to be demanding and accepting bribes from students to facilitate their enrolment at the University, was dismissed following due processes. Another senior staff involved in ordering goods using SINU documents, but receiving the goods for his personal purposes, was also dismissed following due processes,” the statement said.


It continues: “Every case of corruption, bribery and fraud has massive costs and burdens on students, parents and taxpayers, costing SINU significant sums of money. Such illegal and unethical activities by a handful of staff have also been responsible for tarnishing the image and standing of SINU for a number of years. The activities of a very small number of staff have also tarnished the good work and reputation of the majority of SINU staff who been working hard to build this University.”

The statement states management is firm on dealing with such unacceptable activities swiftly, following all due processes adding that management is obliged to ensure that SINU is managed efficiently and effectively, as per law and policies.

“The future of SINU students is too valuable to be put to ransom by a handful of unethical and corrupt staff who have drained SINU of significant resources over the years. This will come to an end. SINU places the interest of quality education foremost.

“Management expects that those who have been involved in fraudulent activities, briberies and corruption or who otherwise have been breaching the policies of the University, would carry out malicious propaganda to malign the work on cleaning up SINU. Management shall not respond to such propaganda, suffice to say that it is the responsibility of every stakeholder of SINU to see a good quality, highly efficient and effective University which makes everyone proud to be associated with the University,” the statement says.

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