Row explains “offer” to help students with assignments as opposition mounts against idea

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An offer to assist university and high school students with their assignments at cost by certain individuals has come under criticism with strong calls for students not to take-up the proposition.

One academic even describes the offer as a cheat. Instead he encourages the students to seek assistance and not to take the pathway.

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Writing on Buy and Sell in Honiara, Macfarlane Row who is the leader of the group states: “If you are a current student at SINU (Solomon Islands National University), USP (University of the South Pacific) or still in high school and is loaded with lots of assignments to complete and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry…here is your solution…we can help you complete your assignment.”

Row’s post has already drew widespread attention on facebook.

In an attempt to get his side of story, SBMOnline speaks exclusively to Row tonight.

Row confirms that it’s true that he and a few other graduates have offered to support the students.

He states that the offer is to explain to any student who faces difficulties with his/her work.

He adds for explanations and advice they do it for free.

Row, who is a USP graduate in in economic, finance and management further states that they are even willing to offer free support to help them start their write-up.

However he adds in the event that the student finds it very hard then they’ll help “and that’s where we charge fee for our service.”


According to Row, they are only offering their services to help students in this pandemic period knowing that a lot of them have very short time and many exams to sit at the end of the year.

Row further reveals that his team consists of five university graduates who are now working— and there are many others who have also shown interest to team-up with them.

He explains that they target mostly first year students at USP and SINU and exam classes in high schools.

The subjects that they’ll offer their expertise in includes: economics, finance, accounting, politics and governance.

He says his group does not have an office but operate by mobile.

When asked what are their charges, Row says they have yet to come up with that as they are only indicating their interest to the public.

When further asked if they have already engaged with any students, Row replies, not yet.

He acknowledges that he’s also taking into consideration views on social media on how they could improve on what they are trying to do

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  1. Mathew kimson says

    That is one of the greatest services.

    Because spoon feed was different from their lectures.

    I also didn’t the same.

    I have to give my commitment to help those students..

    Reasons behind the scenes is that I see some of the students especially my friends from sinu students didn’t understand their lessons learned.

    I received few calls for seeking assistance…. note that I didn’t do the assignment but I thought them how to do it…

    For more information regarding my commitment visit us at my office:

    Mati Office Works & Training Centre
    Chinatown, PO Box 1424, Honiara.

    Email: [email protected]

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