Our national flag, should we add more stars?

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Dear Editor,

I will be happy if you kindly post this piece. I write to wish all Solomon Islanders at home and abroad happy 42nd independence day as we reflect on this very important day of our country’s history. I am sure we are so happy and proud of the numerous achievements and success the God of Solomon Island has blessed our beloved country with. I believe the successes, which we have so far accomplished, are possible only through unified efforts of our nine provinces. As I was reflecting on this important national day, I have one issue, which I think I should seek your views on.

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I am talking about our national flag and its meaning.

-The green represents our untapped natural resources. 

-Yellow symbolizes our natural golden beaches and reflecting the sun’s rays.

-Blue stands for the blue sky above our beautiful country. 


– The five stars stand for the five big islands of Solomon Island. 

I have no further comments on the colours because I think they are still relevant today. 

But what I want to bring to your attention is the five stars. I am sure of the fact that these five stars well represented us back then. But now it’s 2020 and we have nine provinces. Can we still keep the five stars or make it nine stars to represent us today? What do you think? 

Thank you very much

B. Gore, Honiara

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