Unity Square, Pacific’s tallest flagpole commissioned in Honiara

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Honiara City this morning witnessed the commissioning of the Pacific’s tallest flagpole, the Unity Square, which the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare describes as a symbol of unity in diversity.

On the eve of the country’s 42nd Independence Anniversary, which will not be celebrated due to the coronavirus, Sogavare used the opportunity to talk about national unity.

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He said the newly established Unity Square which hosts the flag is distinctive and reflective of “our nation and islands.”

In that regard, he states that the location of the Unity Square is of great significant as it sits between the domestic and international port, which are the main entries into Honiara.

 He adds: “Even though we are culturally diverse with more than 90 languages and 900 islands, we are united as one country and the Unity Square is a symbol of unity in diversity.

“It is an embodiment of our common destiny as a people and country,” he said.

Sogavare also took the opportunity to commend Ports Authority which he says has come a long way since it was established in 1936.

He said the commissioning of the Unity Square demonstrates the civil responsibility of SIPA towards nation building.

“I see this civil responsibility as one that supports and defends our constitution.


“This is a patriotic gesture on the part of SIPA. It is a kind of shuttle but yet important tool that is essential in nationhood,” said the prime minister.

He adds: “I have no doubt that this unity square will enhance the integration of our citizens and reinforce and magnify the strong emotional attachment and love that each and every Solomon Islander has for this country.”

Chief Executive Officer of SIPA, Mr Eranda Kotelawala said the vision and the creation of this iconic landmark for the city of Honiara and Solomon Islands exemplifies the unwavering spirit and unity of a small set of people in this great country.

He said the landmark created by them demonstrates organizational success extended to the community with enormous pride and passion.

“We have great talent in our organization and we have great talent in this country. There are no two words about it. As we make history today with the birth of the an icon that resembles the success of Solomon Ports, I humbly appeal to all leaders in this country never to undermine but underpin the local talent and the spirit we have and give the right leadership and the opportunity to achieve greater heights for this nation.

As we make history today with an icon that resembles the success of Solomon Ports. I humbly appeal to all leaders of the country never to undermine but underpin, the local talent and the spirit we have and give the right leadership and opportunity to achieve great heights to this great nation,” he said.

All provinces were also represented at the commissioning.

The flagpole stands at 50 Meters and weighs approximately 12 tonnes, with the flag measuring 15 meters in length and 7.5 meters in height.

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