Robson questioned by police, report set to be submitted to DPP

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The Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robson Djokovic, had been questioned last Saturday by police — as RSIPF has now finalized their investigation and set to be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecution by next week.Commissioner of Police (Ag) Mostyn Mangau told journalists this morning that his officers had questioned Djokovic last Saturday and are now finalizing their report before it is submitted to the DPP for sanctioning next week.DPP would advise on the next cause of action.In confirming the questioning of Djokovic, Mangau also reiterates that RSIPF’s investigation into the case has been progressing very well.RSIPF had received formal complaints against Djokovic who was alleged to be an Australian citizen and was also claimed to have registered to vote in the 2019 NGE even though he was not a citizen.


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