Leader of Independent and South Choiseul MP loses seat

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Leader of the Independent Group and the MP for South Choiseul, Robertson Galokale has lost his seat this afternoon after losing his election petition. He becomes the third MP to lose his seat in the nearly 27 petitions heard so far. The other two included the former MP for Central Honiara, John Moffat Fugui, and former North East Guadalcanal rep Jammie Vokia. The Leader of Independent Group Office has also confirmed that Galokale has lost his seat in today’s ruling on the petition. “We can confirm our leader has lost his seat,” a spokesman for the office said.


SBM online was unable to get the judgment but his office confirmed that Galokale was found guilty of the majority of the 15 bribery allegations that he faced. The petition was heard by Justice Rex Foukona. The high court also confirms that the MP for South Choiseul was found guilty of corruption and has lost his seat. The petition was lodged by a former premier of Choiseul and one of the losing candidates, Jackson Kiloe.

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