Drip-feed irrigation system could possibly aid rural SI farmers

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Food security is on the minds of many in the Solomon Islands and I have been giving some thought how more efficient farming, hardier crops and alternative sources of nutrition might help farmers in the rural areas get better results.

My thoughts  turned to Israel, a country that I know has contributed greatly to efficient farming methods at home and in many developing countries for 70 years..

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In the 1960’s an Israeli water engineer, Simcha Bass, introduced drip –irrigation solutions to farming with slow-release tubing and since that time his system has impacted on the food supply being greatly improved in several foreign countries.

The drip-irrigation system enables gravity to irrigate when there is no water pressure in rural areas, Farmers in Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Benin and Niger are today benefiting from the drip-irrigation method of farming.

As the Solomon Islands has existing diplomatic relations with Israel and the Israeli Ambassador to the Solomon Islands comparatively recently visited Honiara and offered help to the Solomon Islands Government with agriculture development, it could be worthwhile seeing what help might be forthcoming by way of technical assistance and tangible aid to see the drip-irrigation system introduced to rural farmers at home.

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Frank Short


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