Greening Honiara and provincial centres

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In his speech, during the Business Excellence Award (BEA) last weekend, the Prime Minister, the Hon. Manasseh Sogavare mentioned that the Government was embarking on the modernisation of the Honiara Central Business District and provincial centres as well which would see the construction of green-friendly offices.

I guess the Prime Minister was referring to modernising existing buildings in the CBD by creating structures and using processes that would be environmentally responsible and resource efficient, energy efficient and with low maintenance.

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The PM’s reference to greening made me immediately think of Singapore, better known as the Garden City.

 I first stepped ashore in Singapore in September 1959 while en-route to Hong Kong aboard a British troop ship.

 In those days I found some of the streets a little grubby and not at all like the Singapore today following its meteoric economic rise and towering architecture in which urban planners have woven nature throughout the streets and buildings.

 All new buildings in Singapore must include plant life, in the form of green roofs, cascading vertical gardens and verdant walls.

 I do not imagine Honiara will resemble Singapore with the ‘greening’ the Prime Minister has in mind but how wonderful it would be if the push to go green really does transform the city for better sustainable living coupled with a garden environment.

 Yours sincerely

 Frank Short

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